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Ricoh Group Sustainability Report 2015

Ricoh's Sustainability report 2014

View the report online or download it in Adobe PDF format

The RICOH Way is our global corporate philosophy that provides the framework and identity for our organisation, including Ricoh’s mission, vision and values. As the world continues to globalise at an accelerated pace, having a coherent and consistent set of values across our organisation provides clear guidance as to how we should make decisions, act and address the complex issues and challenges that our customers face.

“To be one global company, we must care about people, our profession, our society, and our planet. We must dedicate our winning spirit, innovation and teamwork to sharpen our customer centric focus, and we also must commit to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.”

Customer Centric Approach

As part of a global company, our employees must care about people, our industry, our society, and our planet. We dedicate our winning spirit, innovation capabilities and teamwork to refine our customer centric approach, always committing to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Our commitment to these values is Ricoh’s differentiator. Engrained in our culture is always putting the customer first and delivering an exceptional customer experience in all areas of our business. We strive to make information work for our customers.

Celebrating Excellence

At Ricoh, we are committed to delivering excellent services and products to improve the quality of living. We are also driven to fulfil our responsibilities to create a sustainable society and to continue to provide innovative solutions that bring value and inspiration to our customers each and every day.

We also celebrate and reward employees for exemplary service and innovation through the RICOH Way Award, which recognises and praises on both, local and global levels, those whose activities best exemplify The RICOH Way.

Commitment to the Planet

Our commitment to sustainability is a part of our heritage, touching every part of our company, from manufacturing to distribution, business sites to recycling. Environmental awareness and strategy to raise tangible ecological benefits is a tenet of the Ricoh values.


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