Ricoh Connect & Collaborate

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Ricoh Connect & Collaborate enables you to support effective and efficient collaboration within your operations, while streamlining the process of sourcing, delivering, managing and supporting your visual communications environment.

Ricoh provides a single source for supplying and supporting a wide range of cost-effective visual communications solutions, including Ricoh’s own unique, proven solutions – such as the iF Design Award-winning Unified Communication System P3500 – and those which integrate different technologies. These include:

  • Video collaboration solutions

  • Collaboration room solutions

  • Digital signage solutions

You can rely on our expertise to help you determine the right solutions to meet your specific communications needs, and successfully deploy, manage and support these within your operations.

As well as enhancing employee productivity and relationships with customers and partners, the solutions we deliver also help lower the cost of supporting essential collaboration. Effective remote connections help reduce the need for costly and time-consuming travel to meetings while enhancing your organisation’s environmental performance. Usage-based charging ensures that you only pay for the services that you use, minimising your operating costs.

Improve productivity
Providing employees with more flexible communications options that are easy-to-use and access increases the pace at which information can be shared and decisions reached. Supporting remote collaboration removes the need for time spent in transit, providing more time for employees to focus on getting work done.

Reduce operating costs
We provide managed services with usage-based charging, meaning you aren’t committed to fixed outlay – instead, you only need to pay for the services that you use.

In addition, by enabling effective remote collaboration, you can reduce your organisation’s expenditure on travel and accommodation.

Simplified management and support
Ricoh provides a single point of contact around the world for managing your visual communications environment. With our dependable consultancy, delivery and support, you can cut the complexity of procuring and managing the equipment and services you use, freeing up additional management time.

Support sustainability
As well as demonstrating your commitment to future ways of working, supporting remote collaboration across your operations helps enhance your organisation’s environmental performance by reducing your reliance on travel for meetings and paper-based communications.

Offer employees a better work/life balance
By accelerating the pace of collaboration and reducing the need for time out of the office, our visual communications solutions provide your employees with a better work/life balance. This helps raise productivity, as well as supporting employee retention and recruitment.

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