Carbon Balanced Production Printing with Ricoh

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The carbon neutral printing - Brochure

At Ricoh, we recognise that print service providers are constantly looking for ways to make printing more environmentally sustainable. Which is why we’ve launched the Carbon Balanced Printing Programme.

Carbon Balanced Production Printing with Ricoh

Based on years of experience and proven success of optimising document intensive office environments, commercial printing operations and corporate print rooms can now benefit from this unique programme and take a more responsible approach to printing on Ricoh production systems.

Designed specifically for the production printing market, the carbon footprint of each print job is calculated, then reduced or optimised where possible. Finally, any remaining, unavoidable carbon emissions are offset through carbon credits.

As a result, printed materials are carbon-neutral and environmentally responsible.
The Carbon Balanced Printing Programme is available to Ricoh production printing customers through the Business Driver Programme.  Alternatively, contact us for more information.

Download the Carbon Balanced Production Printing brochure


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