Customer Communication Management

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Streamline the customer communications process with Ricoh’s integrated solutions and services.


Producing personalised, high volume mailings and business critical communications that contain customised content and are governed by regulations can be daunting. Every document and mail piece has to be perfect to gain competitive advantage and doing it wrong can be expensive.

Today’s larger organisations have typically evolved through a journey of mergers and acquisitions, meaning that customer data is hosted in various different platforms and orchestrating more bespoke customer communications is an even greater challenge when having to extract relevant data from these silos.

Documents are generated through disparate workflows and organisations fail to get visibility or centralised control of all these processes in one unified system.

Ricoh’s Customer Communication Management platform is an easy to use and proven solution to connect to critical data sources, integrate with the relevant content required for the client and compose documents to ensure the right information can be re-engineered and delivered to the right person, in the right format. 
The solution will not only enhance information flow to new or existing customers, it will improve costs, delivery times, processes, governance and customer satisfaction.

Key Solutions:

  • Precision Marketing Consultancy

  • Data Analytics

  • Document Composition 

  • Customised Communication workflow 

  • Multi-Channel Output Management

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