Managing Enterprise Output

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Managing Enterprise Output

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Enterprise Output Management solution for managing output across the Enterprise & Print Room.

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Ricoh’s Managing Enterprise Output enables organisations to control what, when and how documents are produced and delivered so that they can optimise output to take advantage of cost and business process improvements.


Developing an enterprise output strategy

Many organisations believe that optimising their printing activity in the office environment addresses most of their document output costs.  Often it is the wider enterprise environment, which produces the vast majority of printing. These higher volume and higher value documents are typically uncontrolled and present a greater opportunity for cost savings and business process improvements.

Through Ricoh’s Managing Enterprise Output (MEO) solution, we can connect all document output processes to one central workflow system. It helps organisations make informed decisions to not only improve printing and document workflow but also develop an enterprise strategy that targets high costs with document production and distribution.

Through applying intelligent automated workflow, we can simplify data processing and document output management from any source. This enables organisations to move from slow paper-based processes to high-speed digital data flows that manage document delivery across multiple channels. 

Because our solution is scalable, it helps optimise output across the entire business, or in one document intensive environment across multiple business locations.


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