Marketing services - high value marketing services…or commoditised print?

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Many people are talking about the need for print service providers (PSPs) to become “marketing service providers” – but making this transition in a highly competitive market is not easy.  The good news is that we believe that the latest trends in marketing, and especially big data that are actually opening up significant opportunities for savvy PSPs to compete.

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High value marketing services or commoditised print? Here are the steps on your potential journey of discovery – and change.

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With Ricoh’s support, Elettra  (Italy) has transformed its business, growing from its origins as a local, Italian copy shop, to become a successful web-based marketing services agency.

  1. Elettra Case Study

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  • “An observation from the DMA report is that consumers may not want to live in as much of an online world as some CMOs believe. The challenge is to combine the right set of channels to create the engagement/retention levels that give the required ROI for each campaign.” Time to promote the true value of Print.

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