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The Challenge of Speed

73 per cent of senior executives across Europe reveal that their companies need to be faster in order to adapt to changing business conditions.

Ricoh’s Branch Paperless solution helps banks digitise their workflow and improve their document management. The result is an optimised back office, reduced costs and efficient staff who can spend more time with customers.

Enhancing the customer experience

Competition is rife across the modern banking industry as Government initiatives make it easier than ever for consumers to switch providers. Meanwhile the strategic focus has shifted to the constant search for cost efficiencies alongside ensuring customers are provided with a market-leading service.
Ricoh’s Branch Paperless solution is designed to help banks navigate these and a host of other challenges by:

  • Optimising document processes to provide a more efficient service to customers

  • Offering higher levels of customer care through faster internal communication

  • Reducing operational costs through a simplified back office

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Bringing efficiency to the back office

Currently, local bank branches often send documents such as mortgage or loan applications around their organisation manually, increasing the chance of misfiling through a lack of consistent data management. Ricoh’s Branch Paperless service is specifically designed to help branch offices optimise their processes through the management, indexing and archiving of documents.

The solution is flexible enough to enhance an existing scan process, or can be implemented across an entirely new workflow if paper and postal services are still employed. By using Branch Paperless, banks can become consistent and streamlined across multiple offices, while ensuring that the organisation remains compliant and auditable at all times.

To discover more about these and other advantages, including customer case studies, read our downloadable brochure.

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Branch Paperless is an end-to-end process that optimises processes, allowing clerks to spend less time on admin and more time with customers, helping to improve both satisfaction and loyalty. Other advantages include:

  • Improved staff efficiency and customer service via a flexible, digitised workflow

  • A simplified, streamlined back office with reduced costs

  • Improved document processes, access and management, along with a reduction in human error

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Customer case studies

Find out more about how Ricoh’s suite of solutions has helped its customers reduce internal administration and enhance their service offering:

  • Working with Ricoh, Caisse d’Epargne, a subsidiary of the second largest banking group in France, has overhauled its entire document workflow, improving governance, streamlining internal processes and increasing the focus on its customers.

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