Customer Communication Management Solution Suite

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Financial Services Case Studies

The Challenge of Speed

73 per cent of senior executives across Europe reveal that their companies need to be faster in order to adapt to changing business conditions.

Ricoh’s Customer Communication Management solution suite helps financial institutions streamline the ways in which they communicate with customers, leading to improved efficiencies and increased customer loyalty.

Established industry, modern challenges

Today’s financial services industry is faced with the challenge of not only coping with a constantly evolving market framed by heightened regulatory scrutiny and intense competition, but doing so without impacting the quality of service they provide to customers.
Customer Communication Management helps organisations to streamline customer correspondence through automation and integration. The technology allows financial institutions to:

  • Prioritise consumer care through the delivery of customer centric solutions

  • Drive a more efficient business while recognising reduced costs

  • Create an auditable and compliant communications infrastructure

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A renewed focus on the customer

Customer Communication Management uses a range of automated solutions to help financial institutions personalise, validate, optimise and archive the delivery of customer correspondence. The tool covers everything from formatting and printing to posting, for any ad-hoc communications such as email marketing, mailed letters or welcome packs.
This is all achieved within the framework of customer preference, regulatory compliance and a fully auditable trail. Customers receive the communications they want in the format they prefer, while financial services organisations benefit from business efficiencies and consistent, engaging and effective customer communications. 

To discover more about these and other advantages, including customer case studies, read our downloadable brochure.

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By working with Ricoh and its suite of customer focused solutions, financial services organisations can combine a streamlined business process infrastructure with a renewed focus on their customers. Other benefits include:

  • A fully accessible and auditable communications history

  • Greater efficiency and flexibility, including lower postage costs

  • Improved customer service, helping to increase reputation and ultimately drive loyalty

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Customer case studies

Find out more about how Ricoh’s services have helped its customers enhance their communications and increase their back-office flexibility:

  • By working with Ricoh, a leading retail bank has transformed its document workflow and print production processes, building trust, improving customer satisfaction and reducing its cost base.

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