citizen communication management

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Citizen Communication Management helps government departments communicate with citizens digitally, moving them away from costly and inefficient paper-based systems

Achieving more with less...

The public sector faces significant challenges; from the evolving economic climate through to the pressure to make business processes more efficient. There is an expectation on government departments to do more with less. In turn, they are looking to technology partners who will help them drive efficiencies and cut costs.

Government departments communicate with citizens in order to collect fines, advise on council taxes and the payment of bills, to name but a few. This is primarily carried out through costly paper-based documents leading to sky rocketing costs spent on postage and the printing of the documents.  The cost of issuing tax bills can be reduced by 57 per cent by communicating digitally with citizens*

Communicating with citizens through a number of channels, particularly digital, means that the days in which payments are overdue reduce, leading to increased working capital for government departments.

* E-Invoicing/E-Billing: The catalyst for AR/AP automation, Billentis. Sponsored by Ricoh

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Making the move to a digital workplace

Through a unique combination of consultancy and outsourcing, Ricoh’s Citizen Communication Management service empowers government departments to communicate with citizens digitally.

This service allows organisation to communicate with citizens through a number of channels, ensuring they receive documents in the format they prefer. Over time, the transition to digital documents is likely to increase, leading to significant cost savings for the government department.

Ricoh will assume responsibility for all paper-based documents from day one, scanning and archiving them into the existing system. This allows the department to then convert all future documents into a digital format, no matter the channel they receive it through. They are then equipped to manage the out bound flow of information to citizens by ensuring they receive communications in the format they prefer.

Especially in the case of sending reminders for overdue costs, transitioning to digital methods of communcation over time, such as email, will greatly reduce spend.
All data gathered and communications are available to the department 24/7 in the secure Ricoh cloud. Our Level 3 data centres include multi-layer security and disaster recovery options, making it a highly secure and dependable environment to process and store confidential data.

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  • Citizens receive information in the format they prefer, increasing the reputation and decreasing the costs of government departments
  • Scanning and data capture enhances the security of citizen’s private information
  • Classification and grouping of consignments leads to a reduction in post and related costs

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Case Studies

Learn more about how Citizen Communication Management and Ricoh’s suite of document and data solutions has helped government organisations solve the business process jigsaw to drive change:

  • Municipality of Amsterdam (DBGA) outsourced 1.7 million tax forms leading to greater efficiency and cost savings

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