Data Cleansing Service

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Data security is a high-priority issue for government organisations. The potential costs of cleaning up a leak of confidential data, including regulatory fines and reputational damage, are driving investment in enhancing IT and infrastructure security.

Despite this urgency, many government organisations are failing to address the information security risk presented by residual data remaining on print devices. New technologies, such as the document server and scan-to-email functionality, increase the amount of personal and confidential information contained on printers and MFPs. This can present a risk during the disposal of end-of-contact devices – and could compromise vast amounts of your citizens’ data.

Device security during life, and after

Ricoh’s Data Cleansing Service provides the most comprehensive option available for removing data from printers and MFPs. Our secure disposal service for end-of-contract print devices removes, beyond recovery, any residual information that is contained on a device, eliminating data security risks.

Our fully-auditable process removes data from all areas where it can be found on a device – from the hard drive to physical sources, such as paper trays and the print drum. Each step in the process is documented for complete proof of secure data disposal. As a result, you and your citizens can rest assured that any end-of-contract print devices are not a potential source of risk for leaked data.


  • The most comprehensive full data cleansing service on the market
  • Comprehensive coverage of all potential data sources within print devices
  • Certified, auditable processes for complete peace of mind
  • Data Cleansing Service can be integrated into device lifecycle management

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