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The future of technology within the healthcare industry

Healthcare Case Studies

Ricoh’s eRecord Connect is a one-button solution that enables documents to be digitised quickly and easily, helping clinicians to securely access the right patient information whenever and wherever they need it, facilitating higher patient care levels.

Addressing the healthcare headache

In an era when medical staff are confronted with an unprecedented amount of change, technology has the potential to play a significant role in addressing many of these challenges by:

  • Helping make sense of the growing number of data sources faced by clinicians 

  • Addressing patient confidentiality needs as data is shared by more organisations, across more systems, about more patients 

  • Improving organisational efficiency

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eRecord Connect: helping improve patient care

Ricoh’s eRecord Connect enables patient records to be quickly and easily digitised, with minimal human interaction. By using a multifunction device to digitise the records, the one-button solution seamlessly allows documents to be made available to existing EHR or other document systems. This allows information to then be accessed across locations, users and a variety of devices.

Documents are stored securely and are immediately accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This delivers critical patient information to the relevant clinicians when it is needed, at the same time reducing administrative workload and freeing up staff to provide higher quality patient care.
To discover more about these and other advantages, including customer case studies, read our downloadable brochure.

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Hospitals and clinics can enjoy many benefits in this one-touch scanning solution that integrates directly with electronic healthcare record systems, including:

  • Reduction of administrative workload and freeing up staff time to provide higher quality patient care 

  • Reduction of document-related costs 

  • Elimination of paper-based records

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Customer Case Studies

Learn more about how eRecord Connect and Ricoh’s suite of healthcare solutions has already helped to improve patient care and reduce document costs for healthcare institutions across Europe:

  • Nij Smellinghe hospital in the Netherlands boosts efficiency of its record handling by more than 20% with eRecord Connect 

  • Ricoh’s eRecord Connect brings improved operational efficiency to the Netherland’s Vlietland Hospital, with patient records available 24/7 

  • Spain’s USP & QUIRON Hospital Group digitises hospital records to improve the quality and timeliness of patient care

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The future of technology within the healthcare industry


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