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Higher education factThe European Union (EU) is driving a modernisation agenda and growth framework for universities within Europe. The goal is to strengthen higher education and support a world leading knowledge-based economy.

Research has found that 89%* of those within educational institutions across Europe are being impacted by the mobile working trend. The expectation, reinforced by the EU’s Lisbon Strategy, is that students and education staff should be able to work or study on or off campus, and have resources readily available in digital formats.

However, the Economist Intelligence Unit** discovered that more than half of education leaders believe that technology is evolving more quickly than its processes or ways to use it. As a result, higher education institutions are looking to the technology sector to support them in transitioning to more mobile ways of studying that will enhance the way in which students learn.

* A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index 2012
** Economist Intelligence Unit, Humans and Machines: The role of people in technology-driven organisations, sponsored by Ricoh, 2013

Ricoh's Solutions for Higher Education


Publishing Solutions

publishing thumbLearn more about publishing solutions for Education.



document-loungeImprove collaboration and provide an integrated mobile experience with Ricoh's Document Lounge.

  Mobile and On-Demand printing

mobile-demand thumbMobile & On-Demand printing services provide higher education establishments with anytime printing from mobile devices, helping foster a more collaborative learning environment.

Education Success Stories and Case Studies

  • Hopwood Hall College

    Ricoh implemented a virtualised learning environment which enables students to dynamically access information and collaborate with teaching staff.

  • Wico Schools

    With Ricoh's help, schools in Belgium are able to produce more effective educational collateral at lower cost.

  • University of Groningen

    Ricoh's Managed Document Service saves leading European university €700,000 a year.

  • TU Delft

    Digital workflow solution has automated payment processes at Dutch university with €550,000 yearly savings.

  • Arteveldehogeschool

    Ricoh's follow-me print solution improved mobility by extending access to versatile multifunctional products.

  • Humboldt-Universität

    New print facilities at German univeristy have enhanced student services and reduced downtime.


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Mobile and On-Demand Printing

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Flexible mobile printing solutions for the modern university

Humans & Machines

The future of technology disruption within the Education Sector