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The future of technology disruption within the Education Sector

Ricoh’s Mobile & On-Demand printing services provides educational establishments with anytime printing from mobile devices, improving the quality of service and simplifying the mobile print experience, ultimately helping to provide a more collaborative and fluid learning experience.

Higher education establishments around Europe are faced with the pressing need to remain competitive in line with the EU’s modernisation agenda, while at the same time catering to a base of students and faculty staff who are increasingly favouring mobile devices.

Ricoh’s Mobile & On-Demand printing services provide higher education establishments with anytime printing from mobile devices, helping foster a more collaborative learning environment.

Ricoh’s Mobile & On-Demand printing services allows higher education establishments to simplify their user print experience and provide a range of efficient mobile printing solutions. As well as allowing universities to outsource their entire or certain areas of their print infrastructure, Ricoh can help remove costly and inefficient legacy systems. The solution can include payment services, remote application management, and change management, effectively removing the burden from IT and facilities management.

Every Mobile & On-Demand printing service is bespoke and built with the specific needs of each institution in mind. It supports bring-your-own-device, allowing students and faculty staff to print from anywhere and any device to any printer, ensuring that mobile devices are part of the very fabric of university life.

To discover more about these and other advantages, including customer case studies, read our downloadable brochure.



The Mobile & On-Demand printing services solution is designed to help universities across Europe grow into exceptional, modern places of learning excellence. As well as bring-your-own-device support for flexible printing, other advantages include:

  • Improved service and cost efficiencies that foster improved learning and collaboration

  • Robust, secure solutions that help universities free up IT resources and reduce their costs

  • 24/7 connectivity and a simplified end user experience, ensuring seamless mobile printing

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